Carbon Management

Our consultants apply innovation to unlock trapped value within your organization and projects with the added benefit of reducing carbon emissions

Carbon Calculations

Carbon Calculations and especially scope 3 emissions are notoriously complex. We have experience in this field and get help your organisation

Our team takes care of all environmental aspects of Carbon Management. we focus on making business work together with – and not against- carbon reduction.

Following a structured ISO approach our team helps you create something truly special. It will really get people talking – for all the right reasons!

Energy Transition Services

The future of oil and gas? the sector needs a full transformation in less than 25 years. A safer, smarter, greener and restorative system needs to be put in place. We help companies across the value chain to reach this goal with carbon reduction strategies

We are helping our clients with massive disruption on multiple fronts to reach this goal. Green energy and more consumer & stakeholder-centric services are our focus.

Enough Talk, Let's reduce carbon and create business

Stakeholder Engagement for carbon reduction

Happy stakeholders is the best result of any project.

With our help on stakeholder engagement, you can be assured that your project will be appropriate, desirable, innovative and connected.
We can provide consultancy on:

  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Stakeholder consultation

Climate Adaption & Resilience

Our consultants help with a range of climate adapting, climate resilient, circular and renewable market initiatives which act to reduce your scope 1,2 and 3 emissions

  • Renewable Electricity and home EV charging
  • Heating,
  • Energy storage,
  • Community initiatives,
  • Waste streams,
  • Water filtration,
  • Soil quality improvements
  • Animal feed solutions
  • And more….

Enough Talk, Let's do something Together