Certification works to push the standard on the market higher and let clients show their quality. We develop and manage groundbreaking certifications for exactly this reason.

Nature Inclusive Solar Parks Certification

Regenerate the Planet alongside Kiwa have developed the world’s first management tool & certification for Nature Inclusive Solar Parks (NISP), BRL K11007.

This acts to improve the process, purpose and outcomes of solar park developments.

We see a NISP solar park as a starting point for regional regeneration. Connecting the energy transition to landscape restoration, biodiversity conservation and reconnection of communities.


No more should solar park developments be associated with poor landscape integration, unattractive solar park appearance, suboptimal land use, land quality degradation, stakeholder dissatisfaction and project cancellation.


By creating a Nature Inclusive Solar Park, the beautiful natural landscapes of a simpler, less industrial past can be revived.


Setting the standard

Regenerate the Planet is continually developing new certifications with our partners to create regenerative, purposeful impact.

If you share the vision and the ambition – let your company set itself apart with an independently certified, seal of approval. Our certifications help you:

  • Reduce the risk of project disapproval
  • Disrupt the market towards regenerative change
  • Display your quality to future clients
  • Gain the trust of your stakeholders

We are working on a new groundbreaking certification system .  Climate Certified. We are starting the first pilot projects. Interested? Give us a call.