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Plugged into project & process management,
financial engineering & SMART future-oriented impact-driven solutions.

Under DevelopmentSMART NISP

A distributed nature inclusive solar system combining batteries and solar

Our ventures

Only with trusted partners we create new ventures to scale our impact

Under DevelopmentArtificial Inteligence

We are developing an AI system for scope 3 carbon mapping

Under DevelopmentDevelopment Roadmap

We seek to create the regenerative economy and this is how we want to do that

Certification lets our clients show their quality.

It pushes the standard on the market higher so that we can solve societal challenges together. We develop and manage groundbreaking certifications with a business development approach for exactly this reason.
An integrated project management tool and independently audited certification for responsible and impactful solar park developments.
This combines a NISP certified solar park with home battery storage, creating a true smart grid

How can we help you?

Our certification approach helps you adapt to disruptive forces, plan for positive societal impact and become a resilient company – for now next and beyond.
We assist you with management systems and certification to create impact
We consult across a range of topics and carry projects to success
We assist you with scope 3 calculations and carbon management certification such as CO2 performance ladder

Our Projects & Clients

Nature inclusive Solar Farm with Solar Flowers

Utrecht University wants to contribute maximally to solving the climate problem. It strives to be CO2 neutral in 2030. By reducing its own energy use, using fossil fuels optimally and making the transition to a 100 % sustainable-energy provision, the university can meet the energy goals within the sustainability ambition. Regenerate the Planet assists the University with a ground-breaking project using solar trackers.

NISP Certified in Namibia

Together with various stakeholders, NAMPower and the Government of Namibia we are working to establish a Nature Inclusive Solar Farm in Namibia. Navigating away from reliance on hydropower and other countries.
Cloud computing, the Internet of Things, mobile networks and artificial intelligence are just some of the tools cities use to increase efficiency and improve the quality of life of their citizens, yet they also expose us to risks and vulnerabilities related to personal privacy and security. Solutions and standards abound, but they are not always easy to navigate when the systems and interconnections are as complex as the stakeholders are many. For one of our clients we managed to integrate ISO 27001 and other standards, with a scope for a Smart City. Unique.
The first certified nature inclusive solar farm will commence the building soon. Lanakerveld in Maastricht. For more information contact Sunvest.

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Certification & Business Development for Impact